Rachel Paige
December 05, 2016 1:28 pm
John P. Johnson/HBO

During the season finale of Westworld, everything — for once! — finally made sense. We learned that there are two timelines, and we’ve been watching William’s story play out at two different points of his life: One, as young William who’s on an adventure with Dolores; and another, some 30 years in the future where he’s now the Man In Black. It’s already been confirmed that ONE of these Williams will be back for Season 2 of Westworld, and now we’ve learned that the other is getting on the train at Sweetwater and not coming back.

Last month, Ed Harris confirmed that he’ll be back to play the Man in Black when Season 2 of the show comes back. While he doesn’t offer up much information about his role, he explains that he’ll be “involved” in the rest of the story, and knowing what we know now, we’re excited.

But as for younger William? Turns out he won’t be returning to the park again. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jimmi Simpson, quite frankly and without dancing around the subject, gives a firm “No” as to whether or not he’ll be back again.

“My William has served his purpose,” he explains. “As of now, I’ll be done at the end of Season 1.”

This is bummer news for so many reasons. Without young William hanging around, that means that we won’t be getting any ~flashbacks~ to his storyline, and that also means Logan is gone, too (wherever he may be, naked and on his horse). Also, that just means that Jimmi is leaving the show, and we’re going to miss him (and his weird, robot relationship with Dolores).

John P. Johnson/HBO

On the plus side, hopefully this means that there won’t be like, 46 confusing timelines to keep track of next season and hopefully things will make complete sense the whole season! Cross your fingers!