Emily Baines
Updated Dec 04, 2016 @ 8:25 am
Credit: HBO

Ever since Westworld premiered we’ve been brimming with theories. The Man in Black, Dolores, Maeve, Arnold’s identity…literally an episode cannot pass without us shouting theories at one another. Yet, according to star Jimmi Simpson, no Westworld fans have correctly predicted the finale. Sure, some of us may have correctly guessed Bernard’s identity. And others have some pretty concrete proof about the “two timelines” theory. But no one, according to Jimmi Simpson, who plays William on the show, have “nailed” this.

How is this even possible??? There are hundreds and hundreds of fan theories out there, including the “William is the Man in Black” one that seems awfully solid at this point. Could everyone have gotten it wrong? Are we missing some key little tidbit that will turn the whole story on it’s head?

Westworld star Jimmi Simpson gave some other tantalizing hints about the show:

On the creators’ vision:

This is actually great to know. Shows based on twists (cough, Lost, cough) tend to flame out.

On the encroaching Westworld finale:

End of a chapter? Please tell us it’s not William’s chapter. We need more JS in our lives!

On William:

On the “William is the Man in Black” theory

So now we are seriously salivating for the finale tonight! Will we get all the answers to William’s connection to the Man in Black? Can we expect to see Jimmi Simpson return next year?

And seriously WHAT is going on with Ford’s narrative???