Crystal Ro
November 28, 2016 11:51 am

Well, one of the biggest fan theories came true on Westworld last night. And while we’ve already learned a lot about one of our favorites, Bernard, the latest Westworld twist still has us reeling…in the best way possible, of course.

Now, if you haven’t watched Episode 9, “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” then, fair warning, MAJOR spoilers ahead!

Okay. So, for weeks fans have been theorizing about WHO Bernard really is. Obviously, a couple episodes ago we learned that Bernard is in fact a Host. And now we know that Bernard isn’t just any old Host, but an actual replica of Ford’s OG partner, Arnold.

And for anyone who missed it, Arnold’s last name (Weber) was confirmed in last night’s episode, too.


Although, LOTS of fans had been guessing for about a month now that “Weber” would be Arnold’s last name, therefore making “Bernard Lowe” an anagram. HA!!!

But let’s talk about THAT photo (and reveal).


So, now that we know Bernard is Host Arnold and that he was ACTUALLY in the old photo we first saw in Episode 3, “The Stray” (a theory one very clever Reddit fan miraculously predicted weeks ago)…

…we want to know WHO the other dude is in that photo with Ford and Arnold?


Because, obviously, we had initially been led to believe that WAS Arnold.

Let’s back track to Episode 6, “The Adversary.” In that episode, if you recall, we met Host-versions of Ford’s family…in particular his kinda rude dad.

Does he look familiar to you?


Well, he should.

Because Ford’s Host dad IS the other dude in the old photo of Ford and Arnold.



If you missed this Easter egg, it’s not a surprise, because the old photo was shown so briefly. But OMG!!!!

This makes total sense, of course, because Ford explained to Bernard that Arnold had built this old Host family for Ford back in the park’s early days (35 years ago).

We love that Westworld dumped a bunch of answers on us in “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” but now we want to get down to some BIGGER questions. Like, what REALLY is the Maze? And can y’all just straight up confirm our William = MiB theories (although, let’s be real, after last night’s episode it’s like 99% confirmed)?!? Hopefully we find out the answer to both of these in the big Westworld season finale next week!