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If you’ve recently sat around watching the hit HBO series Westworld and thought to yourself, “hey me, haven’t I sort of kind of seen something similar before?” Well, you’re not going crazy and suffering from psycho-somatic binge-watching related delusions. The answer is yes, you saw something similar before, and the brilliant website College Humor just made a hilarious video about it. They regularly kill it with their amazing vids on sexual assault, and one where Michelle Obama cracks us up. The newest one is like whoa, though, guys.

As the above video comically points out, Westworld has many story elements in common with Jurassic Park.

It starts out with a bang, and then just keeps going:

However, the thematic similarities aren’t totally surprising, because both stories had the same original writer, Michael Crichton.

Crichton wrote the Westworld movie in 1973, while Jurassic Park hit theaters exactly 20 years later, in 1993.

The similarities are pretty creepy, guys. Both parks are controlled by an out-of-touch older gentleman…ie, Richard Attenborough and Anthony Hopkins!

We’ve got to admit, the video lays out some pretty compelling similarities. Looks like it’s all fun and games until a camouflaging robot attacks people.