Alyssa Thorne
Updated Mar 27, 2017 @ 5:53 pm

The internet is full of theories, many of them totally outrageous, but when it comes to Westworld, fans have had the writers’ number from the word go. One of the most popular theories about the finale was about Maeve leaving the train, and whether or not that was her first real act of free will, or if it was just another line in her script.

Honestly, we didn’t think there was much open for debate — it seemed pretty clear that Maeve was making her own decision, but if we’ve learned anything from the water cooler HBO show, we’ve learned that debating endlessly about the heavy-handed plot points is its bread and butter. But now we have an end to this non-debate!

At the Paleyfest Westworld panel, showrunner (and creator and sometimes director) Jonathan Nolan confirmed that Maeve actually made her first true decision.

Although he’s said similar things before, it’s always nice to have creators of a show clear up questions we have at panels. Paleyfest panels, while incredibly fun, cool events that any fan counts themselves lucky to attend, are rarely generous on specifics — so many of the writers and actors are so good at dodging any questions that might give away spoilers that even this tidbit is pretty exciting.

So now we know going into next season, Maeve definitely is operating of her own accord, which promises all kinds of zany hijinks to come.