Karen Belz
March 01, 2017 6:35 am

We knew she could sing, but we didn’t know she could sing as other singers. That’s not meant to sound confusing — in fact, after you see Alicia Keys imitate Adele and Gwen Stefani on this segment from The Tonight Show, you’ll totally understand.

Keys played Wheel of Musical Impressions, which is a game that’s typically saved for the best of the best. Since it requires a mix of singing and acting, it makes sense as to why Jimmy Fallon chooses to play the game with those who’ll knock it out of the park.

Even better, Keys looked absolutely lovely while participating. Check out those stripes!

Keys started out by rocking “Miss Mary Mack” (which you probably know the lyrics of by heart) in the style of Gwen Stefani. Since Keys works with Stefani on The Voice, it was a no-brainer that she’d be familiar with her singing style.

She ain’t Miss Mary Mack, girl.

But while that impression really solidified at the end, it was her Adele impression that blew us away.


Keys had to sing the Alphabet Song, and she did it to the tune of Adele’s “Hello,” which — yes — we’re still blasting on our iPhones well over a year after release.

We have a feeling that Adele would be pretty impressed by the rendition.

While Fallon also did a pretty great job (we mean, it’s hard singing a cat food jingle as Elvis — we’ll give him that) the fact that Keys closed with a powerful Janis Joplin-esque tune made her the clear winner.

We’re so glad that we got to witness such a fun, monumental moment!