Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

We were so excited when we heard that Carpool Karaoke was going to turn into its own full-fledged show — and not just a segment on The Late Late Show. But, it’s not James Corden who’ll host Carpool Karaoke, as amazing as that would be (he has more than enough commitments, after all.) Instead, it’ll be…well, everyone.

The series, which is the very first television show under the Apple Music brand, will be pairing up celebrities together. That means that there’s no specific host, but different drivers on every episode. We kind of dig it — it means that each show will be a little different.

Of course, Corden, who’ll have behind-the-scenes credits, will be appearing on one of the episodes, perhaps to welcome the series. He’s set to drive and sing with Will Smith.

So, that’s fair warning. The time to brush up on “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” and “Wild Wild West” is right now.

Other pairs will include Billy Eichner and Metallica, Seth McFarlane and Ariana Grande, and Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton. Interestingly enough, this might clue us into who our favorite celebrities are rocking out to when they’re not hard at work.

Corden doesn’t have hard feelings about not hosting the series — in fact, he’s thrilled that it’ll be on air, and will still be producing similar segments for his own show.

While an exact release date has yet to be set, the series — which will include 16 half-hour episodes in total — will definitely air this year. We’ll be setting our DVRs when we hear more!