Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 06, 2016 6:06 pm
Billy on the Street / www.youtube.com

We’re big fans of Billy on the Street, and this clip from the latest episode is straight-up *hilarious*. Have you noticed how recently it can seem like a lot of movies are reboots? Well, Billy Eichner’s latest episode of Billy on the Street poked major fun at this Hollywood trend alongside heavy-hitters Andy Samberg, Jon Hamm, and Lupita Nyong’o to wander the streets and ask people their thoughts on fake movie ideas. Probably the best part is the look of absolute confusion on most people’s faces.

If you’re constantly asking why there are so many reboots of classic Hollywood films, or just like to laugh, you’ll want  to see this. The premise?

The fast speaking funny guy throwing random movie ideas into a crowd of strangers?  Like, yes. We knew we had to see this as soon as we heard about it!

You should 100% check out this episode of Billy on the Street. It’s so, so funny.

We’re still LOLing. From the Spotify logo as a movie character to the NBC peacock logo as a plot device, our sides are sore from laughter.