Brittany Malooly
June 09, 2016 6:20 pm
Comedy Central

As if dating these days wasn’t already traumatic enough (IMHO), there’s apparently some dude in New York trying to lure women by falsely claiming he’s a writer for Broad City. And Ilana Glazer is NOT having it.

Getty Images/Taylor Hill

During a recent show in NYC, Ilana explained:

“He went to a show from 2014 at, like, UCB or something … took pictures with us and, like, reposted them recently and was like, ‘My friends!'” He also altered a photo to make it seem like he was at work on the show!


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The moral of the story, from Ilana: “No men work on Broad City. Don’t fuck a dude ’cause you think he works on Broad City.”

Listen to her full hilarious retelling here: