Alyssa Thorne
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 4:16 pm
Credit: AMC

AMC just dropped a brand new Walking Dead trailer for Season 7, and it’s really good, and we’re super pumped, but we’re also mildly horrified…as the official Tweet declares, “everything you have belongs to Negan now.”

Apparently, that includes the entire show!?

What’s going on here? We need answers NOW.

While we’re definitely down for a good villain (especially one as horribly awful as Negan, and perfectly played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), we really wish we could see more of Rick and the gang, especially considering the events of the Season 6 finale. Especially considering this is a show where people are dying left and right (it’s FINE, we didn’t need our HEARTS, AMC).

This new trailer once again reinforces that NONE of our faves are safe, and we’re so worried.

At least we saw like 0.1 seconds of Carol? And a little bit of Daryl… we think? UGH. We’re gonna need like a dozen more of these trailers so that we don’t die of anxiety before fully witnessing Negan’s reign of terror.

Petition for the next season of the Walking Dead to just be about everybody taking some nice warm baths, eating some inexplicable take out, and watching movies? Like, can we all just chill?

Credit: Giphy/AMC

No, just kidding. We’re really excited for Negan (and Lucille), but we also really want all of our zombie-fighting babies to be safe. YOU HEAR US, AMC? KEEP THEM SAFE.