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We were definitely too busy being absolutely horrified and upset by the most recent episode of The Walking Dead to properly appreciate the details. Luckily, as per the usual, the internet has our backs. Since we probably can’t ever rewatch this episode (hi, we don’t like sobbing relentlessly), we’re super appreciative that other, less emotional people (read: HEARTLESS) were able to watch and pull out this majorly important detail that’s really just going to lead to more, you guessed it, relentless sobbing.

But before we get into the details of this PERFECT and HEARTRENDING moment that’s destroying us, an important warning:

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So, anyway. If you watched the episode, you know that Abraham was Negan’s first victim. What you probably DIDN’T notice was that Abraham said goodbye to Sasha in the most lovely, small, and totally soul destroying way possible. Since Abraham had to keep his eyes on Negan, The Walking Dead team had to figure out a subtle way for Abraham to say goodbye. The answer: a peace sign.


Michael Cudlitz, aka Abraham, explained in a conference call Monday morning with reporters:

And we’re not the only ones who are completely heartbroken. Cudlitz is also sad to be leaving his Walking Dead family.
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Bye, Abraham. Sad to see you go.