Teri Wilson
Updated Jul 23, 2016 @ 7:56 am
Image of Kit Harington as Jon Snow
Credit: HBO

As many people already know, the magical (and massive) San Diego Comic-Con is taking place right now. And while we love superheroes (like, a lot), it’s the idea of attending the Game of Thrones panel that gives us serious heart eyes.

I mean, be still our Jon Snow-loving hearts!


And while we’re still reeling from the news that our favorite show won’t be returning until next summer (as in an entire year from now which is a long time to wait for winter to come even though we know it’ll be totally worth it), at least we don’t have to wait that long to see glimpses into the adventures in Westros.

Thanks to ComicCon, the television gods have blessed us with a tiny sneak peek into GoT season 7.

That’s right. There’s somehow already a teaser for next season. And it’s spectacular.

We get to see little glimpses of all the behind-the-scenes action like sets being built, props being painted, costumes being sewn, and all sorts of goodies that makes us wonder how they’re ever going to top the amazing armor dress from the season 6 finale (we need to know).

So sit back, have a glass of GoT-inspire wine (if you can), and take in all in. Because since production is just beginning, it will probably be a while until we see any information about the storyline itself (let alone an “official” season 7 trailer).

Credit: HBO/giphy

Between this production teaser and the wonderful other Comic-Con gift us of an amazing blooper reel from season 6, this will help ease some of our anxious waiting time.

At least we know winter is still coming. It’s just, you know. going to take a while to get here (*uncontrollable sobbing*).

The wait may be long and full of terrors, but at least we have some fun stuff like this video to keep us happy.