Like...what is it that you want us to do with this tweet?


Alright, Game of Thrones. That's enough. The official GoT Twitter had the audacity to tweet out "Winter is coming" on April 14th, and it's like, what do you want us to do with this information?

First of all, in the real world, winter is not coming. It's spring actually—summer is coming. And in Westeros, winter already came and left and went out with a big, dismal bang, if we're recalling correctly. Doing some critical thinking led us to the theory that the cryptic callback was referring to the Game of Thrones marathon happening on HBO in celebration of the series' 10th anniversary.

However, by the 14th, the marathon had already ended. we're really mad. Seriously, GoT. What do you want us to do with this?

Most Thrones fans agree that if this is some sort of effort to get us excited for an upcoming prequel/sequel, we're simply finding it hard to move on from the scarring Season 8 finale. Yes, winter certainly was coming (a.k.a. the Night King and his troops of undead white walkers) for the entirety of the series, and winter met just as baffling an end as everyone else who was killed off in the final season.

And the HBO marathon was a harsh reminder of just how good Game of Thrones was at the beginning. We commend those who were brave enough to start from the top knowing how the whole thing ends.

Could the "Winter is coming" tweet be a hint at a remake of the final season? Some fans believe that this is the only route HBO could take to right the Thrones wrongs and psych up the fanbase for future Westeros-based shows.

Otherwise...most of us are too tired to commit to Westeros again having been burned badly once before.

Though the tweet went viral, at this point, most of us simply don't care what "Winter is coming" means anymore. Ten years ago it was a tagline that shook us to our core—it was an apocalyptic warning, a reality none of the characters in this world could escape. How were these enemies going to unite to defeat a seemingly undefeatable and growing magical force? Did winning the game of thrones really matter when the undead threatened all of humanity?

TL;DR—Winter came, didn't really cause any character growth, was ultimately defeated by someone who hadn't really worried about winter up until that point, and yeah, winning matters.

Stick a dragonglass dagger in us. We're done.