The Mindy Project - Season 4
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Mayday, two of our favorite worlds are colliding and we’re… actually totally fine with this. No, really. This is great. The Mindy Project is doing an episode where Mindy, after getting into a spat at work, falls asleep, and dreams that she’s a white man. We’re, like, ridiculously excited at the prospect of an episode of television overtly and aggressively addressing the different ways in which men and women — and especially women of color — are treated in the work place. And we’re also really excited that The Mindy Project cast Veronica Mars’ Ryan Hansen to play, well, Mindy.

We loved Ryan in Veronica Mars, even if he was playing a lovable asshole, and so we’re DOUBLY excited to see him on this season of The Mindy Project.

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This isn’t the first time that Mindy Kaling has wanted to attack this issue in this way. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she has pitched this idea before, and we’re so excited that it’s finally happening!

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You go, Mindy. And by Mindy, we mean Ryan Hansen, the perfect (sorry, Ryan, you’re BEAUTIFUL) conventionally attractive man to play her in this alternate reality.