We can stop sleuthing Marshmallows, because Kristen Bell just revealed that Veronica Mars *will* be returning to our lives — but we’re going to have to wait a little bit.

Bell revealed the news during a Facebook live interview call from Veronica Mars costar Ryan Hansen, who was promoting his new YouTube series Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television with IndieWire. After Hansen was asked about the future of the Veronica Mars franchise, the Party Down actor revealed that the cast was *very* interested in doing more, but decided to give his costar a call so she could clue fans in on exactly what to expect from more of the cult series.

It turns out creator Rob Thomas and Bell are constantly in contact, trying to figure out the best way to bring Veronica and her witty one-liners back into our lives.

“There’s a lot of willingness and commitment to doing it again,” Bell said, acknowledging that her current role on NBC hit series The Good Place is a bit of a roadblock, so a revival of Veronica Mars would have to be done in a limited series format.

The gritty teen-noir series was canceled after three seasons on UPN/The CW, becoming a cult favorite in the decade since its cancellation.

In 2014, Thomas and Bell launched a Kickstarter to crowd fund a Veronica Mars film. Bell — who starred as the titular teen detective — told Hansen that in their next foray into the world of Veronica, Thomas and Bell would take a different route than the ones taken for the film.

So while we don’t exactly know *when* we’ll see more Veronica Mars and her super-sleuthing, we definitely *will* see her (and Logan, Wallace, Dick, Weevil, and Piz) at some point. Maybe this time, they’ll even check in on Duncan Kane — because, remember him?