Credit: HBO

If you’re a Veep fan than you’re definitely acquainted with Jonah Ryan — you know, the Oval Office scape goat who is the eternal butt of the Meyers team’s jokes.

If you’re caught up on Veep, you also know that Jonah is right now running for congress in New Hampshire (he’s being pushed along by a savvy uncle) and is facing his fair share of (hilarious) political setbacks along the way. For example, the people are finding his shape a little odd. As one voter puts it, “His head is too big for his body, but then sometimes his body is too big for his head.” The point of all this though, is the Jonah Ryan political machine isn’t relegated to the world of HBO, Jonah has a very real, very funny campaign website that we can’t stop surfing.


The site is filled with delightful Jonah-isms, like a “helpful link” to the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers website. Or the Jonah Ryan bio page, which includes delightful tidbits like, “I attended the University of New Hampshire, first in Durham and then after a year off, at the Manchester campus and, although I left before completing my degree, I can attest firsthand to the world-class quality of that fine institution.”

There’s also an utterly wonderful “Jonah Through the Years” gallery (which includes a lot of images that would never be on a real politician’s website).


Perhaps the best part of Jonah’s campaign so far has been the ads. A lotta vest wearing, a lotta wandering, and some interactions with children (that the voters totally don’t like).

There is so much to marvel at, we’ll let you see for yourselves. For now, we’ll just say thanks to the HBO gods for making this Jonah Ryan run so very, very real.