Jill Layton
Updated September 13, 2016 6:54 am
Eric McCandless /Getty Images

Vanilla Ice is best known for pretty much one song, which is totally fine, because that one song will never not be epic.

“Ice Ice Baby” came out in 1989, but it’s just as relevant today. Or at least it was last night.

Vanilla Ice (AKA Robert Van Winkle) is on this season’s Dancing with the Stars. Last night during the premiere, he and his partner Witney Carson were assigned to dance the cha-cha to a song that Vanilla Ice, and the rest of the world, knows every single word to — the ever classic “Ice Ice Baby.”

While sporting sequined patriotic matching “OG throwback” outfits, the pair tore up the dance floor with some classic ’90s moves — because, hey, give the people what they want.

ABC / giphy.com

Even though their dancing style didn’t exactly meet the judges expectations for the cha cha, everyone else was super into it. And so was Vanilla Ice, which was very apparent by the adorable tears in his eyes after he finished.

While the crowd loved it, the couple only earned a 25 out of 40. But that doesn’t make the performance any less perfect.

ABC / giphy.com

“Ice Ice Baby” forever!

Take a look a the entire performance, and try not to break out into your ’90s dance moves. JK you should def break those out.