Credit: NBC

A longstanding Saturday Night Live regular, Vanessa Bayer has impressed us time and time again with her incredible range. Her characters run the gamut of awkward, perplexing, nerdy, lovable, annoying and cloyingly sweet. So, we are saddened to know we’ll no longer be able to catch her on SNL. We know this remarkably witty comedienne is just getting started. As a tribute to her time on SNL, we’ve collected a handful of our favorite sketches.

1Kids’ Choice Awards

We love how perfectly Vanessa captures the awkwardness of pre-show awards host. Watch as she mugs for the camera and holds her cheesy smile long after the camera’s moved on.

2Dawn Lazarus

Vanessa knocks our socks of as nervous meteorologist, Dawn Lazarus, who garbles her way through her first weather forecast. We can only imagine how difficult this sketch must have been to pull off. Gibberish? Pacing? Memorization? She absolutely impresses us.

3Rachel from Friends

Vanessa is brilliant at impersonating 90s icon, Rachel Green from Friends. Her intonation and inflection has us rolling on the ground. Oh – and the wig is comedic perfection!

4Delta Flight

We love her as a zany flight attendant who unexpectedly flies out the emergency exit. She returns to the aircraft, traumatized and winded. Her first thought after being out in the sky? She wants to finish the announcement song that she and her colleague worked so hard on.

5Sunseekers Yacht

The double entendres alone are enough to play this memorable sketch on repeat. Vanessa is pitch-perfect as Brecky, an ex-porn star, who hawks Sunseeker Yachts.

6Kid Reporter

Her entertaining portrayal as kid actress, Laura Parsons, is borderline manic and totally on point. Vanessa, is there anyone you can’t play?

7Santa Baby

Who could forget this dark little parody? Vanessa and Ryan Gosling play twisted lovers who hold a holiday party hostage when they believe the real Santa Clause may be upstairs. We can’t get enough of the sexy slow dance on the coffee table. The look on the guests’ faces is priceless.

Vanessa Bayer, we know you will end up somewhere brilliant. We can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for you!