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If things seem a little bit down and gloomy right now, there’s a reason why. While we might be inching closer to the sunshine of summer, right now we’re in the darkest days for television. Shows are being canceled left and right, and it’s hard to be a TV lover right now.

Next week, Network Upfronts will take place in New York City, and this is when networks reveal their new, fancy fall television slates. This also means that television shows that won’t be coming back in the fall (or in the spring…or ever) are informed of their sad departure. Slowly, the networks have been informing the cast and crews of what will, and won’t be coming back. While we’re always here to cheer on shows that live to see another day, right now, let’s pour one out for all the shows who are gone — but never forgotten.

We’ll continue to update this post as we learn the fate of the rest of our favs.





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