Karen Belz
July 16, 2016 1:59 pm

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re probably knee-deep in viewer (and reader) theories about where the show will go (especially since the show will be wrapping up soon with reports showing that the last two seasons will total around thirteen episodes).

If you haven’t finished up this past season, proceed with the same caution as you would if you were crossing Cersei Lannister (aka spoilers ahead!).


While watching Cersei take the Iron Throne was a little surprising (not to mention disheartening because, let’s be real, she’s pretty scary and she basically only got on the throne by killing a bunch of people and accidentally sparking her own son’s suicide), there’s a new theory that shows that her sitting in control is actually not as far-fetched as we may have believed.

By delving deep into the ancestry of our favorite (and least favorite) characters, there’s actually some legit reasoning as to why she should have been on the Iron Throne a while ago.

After Tommen’s passing, the throne should have gone to another Baratheon (even though we all know that Tommen and his siblings were technically full Lannister but whatevs). But since Tommen was the final heir (and there are no more Baratheons around), we need to look at past ancestry.

Before Robert’s birth, the Baratheons and Lannisters had family ties — Elyanna Baratheon married Mathis Lannister way back in the day, which bonded the two families. So, Tywin Lannister’s three children (Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion) all technically have bits of Baratheon blood. And (even though she’s a twin) Cersei is the oldest of the three. And since Jaime took vows to the Kingsguard (making him ineligible to rule) and that Tyrion killed his father and has kinda-sorta been the family outcast both before and after the murder, Cersei has the strongest claim to the Iron Throne. 


Of course, a few others also strong claims (we see you, Daenerys and Jon Snow aka Jaehaerys Starkgaryen). Plus, of course, there’s always the MIA Gendry who is theoretically still out there and technically a Baratheon (though his illegitimate mother probably would keep him from having a strong enough claim to take power).

Even with all these other claims, Cersei is not going to give up her power without a fight (um, remember all that wildfire?). So, even if you don’t like it (and who could?), she’s actually well within her right to be ruling the Seven Kingdoms right now.