true detective
Credit: HBO

After living in limbo for what seems like forever, it finally seems like there’s been some progress on True Detective season 3. Entertainment Weekly reported that David Milch is attached to True Detective season 3. You probably recognize the name, but if you can’t place it, Milch is the writer-director behind shows like NYPD Blue and Deadwood, so it’s pretty obvious why he was picked to collaborate with the show’s creator, Nic Pizzolatto.

Deals haven’t been formalized, so it’s not yet clear exactly the capacity in which Milch will be helping out, but here’s what we can infer from this: Season 3 of True Detective, while not formally greenlit, is in the works.

So we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ll have official information regarding another season soon. EW also reported that Pizzolatto has written the first two episodes, at least, of the next season. While this might give you cause to dance for joy and assume this means all signs are go, it more likely means that HBO, while interested in another season, is trying to get a better idea of what it might look like before they decide whether or not to bring it back.

Fortunately and unfortunately, that’s pretty much been the party line since 2016. HBO’s head of programming at that time said:

So good news: True Detective is still alive, and it looks like they’re bringing in a pro to aid the creator’s vision for a third season. Bad news: We still don’t know when or if it’s coming back!