Emily Baines
January 08, 2017 11:24 am
Netflix US & Canada/ www.youtube.com

Who doesn’t love a good mashup? It’s one of the ultimate signs of love. Well, Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix show, Trollhunters, received the Stranger Things treatment and we are obsessed. Now, this isn’t the first time something was paired with Stranger Things.

Remember the Stranger Things meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer mashup? What about the time Stranger Things was paired with Twin Peaks? What about when someone paired Stranger Things with The Breakfast Club? But we have to say, no show seems more perfect for the Stranger Things makeover than Trollhunters.

One look at the trailer and you can see why.

Isn’t it beyond perfect? The similarities are downright eerie. And adding the iconic Stranger Things music beneath the trailer certainly helps with the parallels.

Netflix even describes the new show similarly to their other, famous, live-action Sci-Fi adventure.

Sound familiar?


As Uproxx notes, both shows feature kids on bikes living in a sleepy town who battle monsters from an “Upside-Down” world. And both shows are heavily inspired by the 1980s.


Charlie Saxton, who voices Toby on the animated series, describes the show to Screen Rant.

Seriously, it’s like he’s talking about Stranger Things. Only he’s not.

Of course, both Trollhunters and Stranger Things are Netflix shows. But they’re aiming for different demographics. Trollhunters is a kids show, while Stranger Things is not all that kid-friendly unless you want to give your children nightmares. (Hey, we all have different parenting styles.) Both shows, however, are incredibly imaginative, totally addictive, and definitely worth checking out.