Chelsea Duff
August 06, 2016 12:27 pm
Lars Baron/Getty Images

If you skipped the Olympics Opening Ceremonies yesterday, you missed out.

And not just on welcoming all the awesome athletes to the games — if you skipped the show, you didn’t see all the fierce fashion or, more importantly, the hottest tricyclist we’ve ever laid eyes on.

His name is Bruno Krause and he’s an absolute babe.

A Brazilian professional model, Bruno lead the parade of Olympians, heralding in the Greek team as they strutted their stuff across the stadium.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Need a better look? We’ve got your back.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

(Sidenote: How cute is that tricycle? Where can we get one?)

Bruno works with 40 Graus Models, a Brazilian modeling agency started in 2004 that sent a couple different models to the show, and, basically, we can’t take our eyes off of him.

And why would we want to try?

The best part? According to his Instagram bio, Bruno isn’t just a model — he’s also a law student. He’s pretty much the whole package.

We’re in love — and so is everyone else on the internet.

Bruno might actually live all the way down in Brazil (although, hey, we don’t have anything against long-distance relationships), but he now also lives in our hearts… and in our Instagram feeds. We’ve already got our next #ManCrushMonday post queued up.