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Credit: NBC

Death isn’t an easy topic to make light of. But when you have Mike Schur, producer of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, at the helm, you know it’s going to be good.

Hollywood darling Kristen Bell will officially star in “The Good Place,” a new show slated to join NBC this fall. According to Variety, the show received a straight-to-series pickup during the network’s annual upfront presentation, a process in which prospective shows pitch ideas to network executives in an attempt to join their roster.

The show’s premise centers on Bell as Eleanor, a woman who wakes up one day to find out she recently passed away after being hit by a truck advertising for an erectile dysfunction pill. She’s told that she is now in the “the good place,” where do-gooders are relegated after death.

However, she soon realizes there was a mistake, as she was in fact quite the opposite in the real world. The trailer shows flashbacks of Eleanor as a brash, snide young woman, the antithesis of her comrades in “the good place.” Now she must do everything possible to hide her true identity to avoid being banished to the “the bad place.”

The show was pitched as a 13-episode season, providing flexibility in developing creative narratives for the show as well as for the schedules of the cast, particularly Bell as a mother of young children.

“It’s just as important for me to be on a show that allows me to be a present mother as it is to be on a show,” Bell told Variety. “I want to do good, fun, exciting work, but being a mom is more important to me, to be honest.”

We love that Bell continues to be a proponent of issues that matter, including work-life balance, and recently her struggle with depression.

“[The Good Place] a comedy, and it’s going to make people laugh. But it’s also saying something about human beings and about morality and about social responsibilities and challenging ethics and the idea of right and wrong. It’s stimulating stuff.”

We can’t wait to watch. Watch the trailer below: