Credit: Ryan Green/FOX

Prepare for some ~feels~ because the trailer for FOX’s new mutant-based show The Gifted proves that the family that has powers together, stays together. In the all-new trailer for The Gifted, we see what exactly mutants are dealing with in the real world.

And while it looks like we get to see these characters using their powers in everyday situations, like getting snacks from vending machines, and fighting bullies, we also see them face more intense scenarios.

As in, what happens when things get out of control and the government wants to take you away? Or what about when your parents find out about your powers? Those are the questions we see the characters struggling with in the trailer. Here’s a little bit more, from Fox, about what you can expect from the new show:

Credit: FOX

Watch the full trailer here and try to keep your emotions under control. You never know what will happen if you can’t.

The Gifted comes from X-Men director Bryan Singer, so you know that fun X-Men lore will make an appearance. And maybe even some of our favorite characters? They do get name checked in the trailer.

There’s no air date yet (that will come later in the week during Fox’s upfront presentation in NYC), but The Gifted will likely appear on our television screens this fall.