Meaghan Kirby
Updated Jan 09, 2017 @ 1:54 pm
Sherlock (series 4)
Credit: Courtesy of Ollie Upton/Hartswood Films & MASTERPIECE

It seems like just yesterday we were anticipating the arrival of Sherlock season four, and now the season is about to end with an explosive finale (LOL). With the shocking end to episode two, “The Lying Detective” we (SPOILER) learn that there is a third Holmes sibling, and it’s a sister named Euros. Not only that but she was the women John had been texting since the first episode (!!), his new therapist (??), and the woman who came to visit Sherlock, all in disguise. The episode ends with Euros revealing herself to John before SHOOTING HIM?

We have so many questions, and the description for the episodes does not calm us down:

The trailer begins with Mycroft Holmes telling Sherlock, in a very ominous tone,

Mycroft, that answers ZERO of our questions. What happened to Euros? Is she working for Culverton Smith? Is Culverton Smith in this episode (tbh Toby Jones is too good to limit to one episode)? Did she really shoot John? Who is Sherrinford? Is it Euros or yet another sibling? Why weren’t they in the Christmas special at the end of season three?

Later, John says, to someone (Sherlock?) not shown on screen, “I know this is difficult but you’ve got to keep it together.”

One question answered: It seems John is alive. But still, we have so many more. This may be a selfish request but can Lestrade please survive this season of death?

The final scene in the trailer features the most fantastic explosion we’ve ever seen on Sherlock but it makes us wonder, what blew up? I guess we’ll have to wait all the way until Sunday to figure out what’s going on!