Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 22, 2016 @ 10:58 am
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Credit: FX

We’re a solid two episodes into this season of American Horror Story, and while we sort of know what’s happening, it’s also kinda like Jon Snow is in charge of this season — we actually know nothing.

Wednesday’s episode set up a lot of new plots, storylines (and twists!) on American Horror Story: Roanoke, and it’s going to be one very long week until we find out what’s going to happen next (and also where the hell Evan Peters is right now, because he’s got to be somewhere, and it’s driving us crazy). At least now we have a brand new teaser for Episode 3 to hold us over for the next six days.

Where we left off, Flora was MIA (just like Evan 💔) and it looks like that’s going to take a huge toll on Lee, who we know has just fallen off the wagon and started drinking again.

Lee, Matt, and Shelby are also all headed back into the forest, and will undoubtedly get lost. Here’s a good idea, STOP GOING INTO THE FOREST because, as we’ve learned over these last two episodes, there are strange forces and beings in there, and also a Hatch. Because…why not?

Can you handle the wait until Wednesday to find out what happens next??