Credit: FX

After what felt like months of torture from the genius cast and writers behind American Horror Story, fans finally got the premiere episode of Season 6 last night… and it did not disappoint. We learned that this season is centered around Roanoke, North Carolina. Most likely also the Lost Colony of Roanoke. And that the modern-day couple who moved into a centuries-old house in the middle of the woods are being haunted and driven out — we just don’t know by who yet.

Credit: FX

So now that we’ve got a theme, it might seem that fans should know what else to expect in this season… right? If there’s anything that AHS producers do well, it’s keeping us unsteadily on our toes, so it seems like the “My Roanoke Nightmare” theme is pretty much the only answered question from last night’s premiere.

Shortly after the illusive premiere episode, AHS then unleashed a full-on promo for what’s to come on this season, and it’s probably going to keep you up at night (sorry!). If you thought Shelby’s horror in the forest was over… you thought wrong. Her grave mistake in getting out of her car and getting lost deep in the woods is going to quickly become the central plot for Episode 2, and the documentary format is going to continue as Shelby and her husband, Matt, and sister-in-law Lee deal with all kinds of fun stuff.

Human sacrifice? Check. Devil worship? Check. Kidnapping? Check. This season’s going to be a nightmare within a nightmare and it’s brilliant. Will we learn more about this creepy AF season? Hopefully.

Credit: FX

The trailer features shades of past AHS seasons (a haunted house, a seance, people with terrifying mental issues, and more) and it’s going to scare the pants off of you. Watch with a friend, or at least at your desk with your headphones on in the daylight hours. Seriously, we may never sleep again.