Lindsey Sirera
Updated Mar 29, 2017 @ 2:55 pm
Trading Spaces TLC
Credit: TLC / Discovery Networks U.S.

Praise the TV powers that be, as yet ~another~ one of our favorite shows has been revived! Trading Spaces has officially been given the kiss of life by TLC execs, who announced the glorious news yesterday at the network’s upfront presentation.

“This is a big one,” Nancy Daniels, the network’s president and general manager, said. “I am excited to announce that TLC’s most successful and most iconic series…[Trading Spaces] is coming back.”

Fans of Trading Spaces will recall that the home improvement show let neighbors into each other’s houses to redecorate a select room. With a budget of $1,000 and the help of an interior designer and carpenter duo, the neighbors each had 48 hours to pull off a full renovation. The results were often jaw-dropping — sometimes to the delight, and sometimes to the disdain of the homeowners — but no matter what, the rooms were always entertaining!

Like, who could forget the beach cabana living room, complete with a sandy floor?

Credit: TLC / Discovery Networks U.S.

Or the totally upside-down room?

Credit: TLC / Discovery Networks U.S.

Of course, there were ~plenty~ of makeover hits that sent homeowners into full-out fits of joy.

The original Trading Spaces, which ran from 2000 to 2008, featured a rotating cast of interior designers and carpenters such as iconic ’00s stud, Ty Pennington! Paige Davis hosted for the majority of the show’s run as well.

At press time, we’ve still got a lot of questions. Is the $1,000, 2-day setup still intact? Which designers and carpenters will return? Will there be new twists and challenges in the way? Will Paige return to host? And when can we expect to see the new episodes? We’re on pins and needles waiting to find out the answers!