Rachel Paige
July 12, 2016 1:46 pm

Let’s cut right to the chase and assume that you’re completely caught up with Game of Thrones, and are cool with a handful of spoilers, because there are a lot of them ahead. Let’s talk about that Tower of Joy scene from the Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter.”

After waiting FOR-EVER-ERRRR, we finally got to see ~inside~ the Tower of Joy, and saw with our own eyes that Lyanna is Jon Snow’s mother. Though not confirmed on the show, HBO casually dropped that Rhaegar is Jon Snow’s father. On her deathbed, Lyanna makes her brother, Ned SWEAR to keep the little baby safe, and he does. He conceals Jon’s true parentage for literally all his life, by having all of Westeros to believe that Jon is his.

The only other person present for this epic Tower of Joy scene is Howland Reed — remember, he wasn’t killed in the battle outside. Howland is casually discussed in the books a few times, and on the show, but we’ve yet to actually see him in the present day. However, that being said, Howland has always been a big talking point for the R+L=J theory, since, technically, he’s the only other person who has known, without a doubt, that Jon was NOT Ned’s.

You know, because Ned walks out of the Tower of Joy and Howland is like, “Hey, Ned, where’d you get that baby?”

This isn’t true though. There’s someone else out there who knows 100% that Jon is not Ned’s, and she’s known all along. Lyanna has a handmaiden.

Who is this handmaiden? Because she TOTALLY knows Jon Snow’s secret.


The handmaiden doesn’t have a name, and as far as I can tell, doesn’t even have an IMDB credit. But, she is literally holding Baby Jon. She hands Baby Jon to Ned.


Knowing that Jon Snow’s parentage has been THE most important secret this whole time, it’s odd that there is someone else in the scene, who isn’t discussed, isn’t addressed, but she sees everything. The camera lingers on her for a split second too long, which is basically like screaming to the audience “HEY, THIS IS IMPORTANT.”


It’s just kinda weird that this would be a huge secret, except that there are way more people out there who know about this.

So, who is she? Is it possible that this handmaiden disappeared with Howland Reed, and wherever they are, they’re still keeping this secret? Will we ever see this woman again? Is she important? Does she matter to the Great Game? Or are we just going to drive ourselves mad with questions like this over the next year waiting for Game of Thrones to return?