Drake & Josh cast
Credit: Nickelodeon

Miranda Cosgrove wore many different hats during her Nickelodeon years, and arguably, all of them were iconic. As Cosgrove transitioned from her role as the conniving little sister Megan on Drake & Josh to Carly, the brainy internet star of iCarly, we missed a piece of foreshadowing that pieced her two roles together. Plainly put, Drake & Josh totally predicted iCarly.

Cosgrove’s career shift was not blatantly worked into the Drake & Josh storyline, nor was it even sarcastically hinted at in the dialogue of the show. It was a message so subtle, that it took years for someone to notice it.

It’s something so sneaky that only one person could have been behind this…

BuzzFeed staff writer, Ryan Schocket, noticed something during the final episode of Drake & Josh, which originally aired on September 16, 2007. In an establishing shot of the Premiere Theater, the movie theater in which Josh worked on the show, something interesting was advertised on the sign.

“Now She’s Carly,” is one of the film titles listed on the marquee. Huh!

Credit: Nickelodeon

Clever, Megan! Very clever! It took someone 10 years to find, but the message has been found!

Drake & Josh ended a week after the iCarly premiere. So, the hidden movie title is less of a prediction and more of a nod of approval from the Drake & Josh producers for Cosgrove’s role switch.

The sign is actually full of little messages. “Four Great Seasons” is a shout-out to the four great seasons Drake & Josh had on Nickelodeon. “Robin & Joe” draws attention to Drake & Josh producers, Robin Weiner and Joe Catania. “Thank You Molaro!” is a message for Steve Molaro, a writer and producer on the show who eventually went to work on iCarly as well!

We’re going to pay better attention to our TV shows from now on! You never know what goodies you’ll find hidden within! In the words of Josh, they might just be the “cooliest” things ever!