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Tina Fey is one of the funniest, most unique voices in television and film. After a successful run on Saturday Night Live, Tina produced and starred in the hilarious 30 Rock on NBC. Lately, she produced the adorable Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for Netflix. Now, Tina Fey sold another pilot with Robert Carlock. We can’t wait to see it, because we’re such a big fan of Tina’s that we’re sure we’ll love anything that she does. And the fact that the pilot is in partnership with Robert Carlock, who produced 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with her, means we’re doubly psyched.

NBC greenlit Tina Fey’s pilot, which will be called The Sackett Sisters.

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The pilot will follow two estranged sisters who do something heroic together, on the level of Sully Sullenberger’s heroics. When they are faced with a newfound notoriety, they have to learn to deal with it together.

Writer Duke Del Tredici, of 30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will write the script. NBC picked up the pilot as a “put pilot,” which means the network has guaranteed to shoot the first episode. After that, NBC will decide whether to pick the show up for a full season.

Tina Fey will executive produce with Robert Carlock, who she has worked in tandem with on a number of shows. David Miner of 3Arts will executive produce as well.

This isn’t the first time Tina has taken on the subject of sisterhood.

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She starred with pal Amy Poehler in the movie Sisters last year, and it was totally hilarious. So we’re pretty confident that a show about sisters will be just as side-splitting.

Already the show guarantees us two leading ladies, and that’s a huge deal.

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There still aren’t enough shows headlined by women, and still fewer that can boast more than one leading lady. So we’re excited that Tina’s new show focuses on a lady-driven subject like sisterhood. So many of us can relate to having a complicated relationship with our sisters.

We’re so excited for Tina’s new show that we wish we could be in it!

BRB, recording our audition tapes to send to Tina Fey!