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If you’ve been keeping up with television, you must have come across an amazing animated show called Bob’s Burgers. The show has inspired a myriad of fans to create their own works of art. Drawings, memes, and tribute videos have all flooded the internet. Most recently, the character of Tina Belcher was at the heart of an amazing prank between siblings. Their prank went viral, and now we kind of want to try it!

Siblings Ben and Molly Freedman live in Indiana and share a mutual love for the animated series. It was that love that led Ben to get Molly a cardboard cutout of Tina for her birthday. Cue the awwwwwws from the audience. What a sweet brother! Well, this cutout was more than just a birthday present. Ben has used Tina to startle Molly by hiding her in strategic and unexpected places — all of which Molly has documented on Twitter. false

Nothing says “I love you sis” quite like having her find a cartoon character inside of her own refrigerator.

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This set off a chain of back and forth pranks, with each sibling finding new and creative ways to hide Tina away.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, Molly explained:

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My favorite has to be:

Credit: Twitter/@mollyy_freeman

Just imagine. You walk back into your room after a long shower, you sit down on your bed thinking it’s been a while since your little brother has pranked you, you let your guard down for just a second and then — BAM, you spot the cutout in your closet.

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You can’t even be mad at him! It was a great prank with an awesome payoff.

Hopefully, this prank war continues into their college years. We’ll keep waiting for the update.