timeless 1
Credit: NBCTimeless/Facebook

Sometimes a trailer is the best way to determine just how binge-worthy an upcoming show is going to be. And NBC’s new show Timeless, based on its short Facebook teaser, looks like it’s going to be absolutely fascinating.

The trailer shows the three main characters—Abigail Spencer plays a historian, Matt Lanter is a soldier, and Malcolm Barrett, a scientist—moving across the last two centuries in pursuit of a criminal who has stolen a time machine (gulp…that doesn’t sound like something the government wants to happen!). The good guys are using a “beta” version that’s not quite up to snuff, so plenty of time-traveling mishaps are sure to ensure.

The video starts off with the trio in the late 1920s, a “Welcome Home Amelia Earhart” banner visible in one shot (which leads us to believe that someone may have changed the course of history somewhere). Then they time-warp to a tropical locale in the late 1930s (Pearl Harbor, perhaps?), with WWII planes in the air and Allied army men with firearms everywhere they turned. Finally, the time travelers appear in fancy old-fashioned garb (think full-length, puffy dresses) in 1865, where we see Abe Lincoln walking inside the Ford’s Theatre.

All of these are pretty huge moments with major historical players and make us seriously intrigued to learn more.

Even if you aren’t a history buff, the incredible costumes make this show worth watching alone—apparently, the characters raid a government stash of time-appropriate garb to blend in.

We’ll definitely be adding this to our must-watch queue this fall! The show premieres on Monday, October 3 at 10/9c on NBC.