Marty Preciado
March 06, 2017 2:01 pm

Saturday Night Live has been on everyone’s mind lately. It’s no doubt that this season has handed us plenty of treasured moments — from the full Spanish-language digital short by Lin-Manuel Miranda to the political breakdowns characterized by Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy. This season delivered colossal musical moments, like the long-awaited return of A Tribe Called Quest and the breathtaking and powerful performances by Solange. SNL wouldn’t be a benchmark of comedy, without its hosts, and during this season we have seen Dave Chapelle, Aziz Ansari, and Kristen Wiig, amongst others.

This past Saturday, Academy Award winner (and nominee this year) Octavia Spencer hosted SNL with Father John Misty as the musical guest. Of course, Octavia elegantly and effortlessly delivered ongoing laughs.

But another highlight of the evening happened during a sketch featuring SNL cast member Melissa Villaseñor.

Alongside Octavia Spencer, Alex Moffat, and Kenan Thompson, Melissa starred in Zoo-opolis, a sketch focused on a voice actor audition. We FINALLY see Melissa doing her iconic impressions! During the sketch, she impersonated J.Lo, Kathy Griffin, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Julia Louis–Dreyfus and – perhaps the funniest of them all – her SNL co-star Kate McKinnon.

It was a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

In past episodes, we had caught glimpses of Melissa’s flawless impressions, like in her roleplay sketch with Aziz Ansari.

It even had Questlove sending out his best to Melissa.

During her time at Más Mejor, a Latinx comedy vertical produced by Latinxs, Melissa released Daily Itineraries — a web series anchored in her spot-on impressions.

Melissa Villaseñor is the first Latina to join the SNL cast. Although we are thrilled to see more of her in the upcoming seasons, we also look forward to Lorne Michaels adding more WOC on screen and in the writing room!