Credit: ABC

Major spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up on the most recent season of Once Upon A Time, and all insanity that went down in Storybrooke this past year.

If you remember, not fondly, Robin Hood sadly died at the end of Season 5, and it destroyed all of us. It destroyed Regina the most, since she had FINALLY found her true love, and seemed well on her way to a happy ending. Well, not anymore.

Now add the fact that Hook managed to come back from the dad (aka, the Underworld) at the last second, we can only imagine the internal turmoil Regina is going through right now. Oh, and also the whole, the-evil-queen-is-back-and-pissed thing, too. So should we just go ahead and abandon the idea that Regina’s going to get that fairytale ending, and her soulmate will return?

Nope. Don’t abandon hope just yet.

During the Once Upon A Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con, panel moderator (and OUAT megafan, and also the one-time voice of Ursula) Yvette Nicole Brown couldn’t help but ask A LOT about Robin Hood, and if there’s a chance we’ll ever see him back. Though the showrunners, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, revealed next to nothing, they hinted GREATLY at the fact that we probably haven’t seen the last of Robin Hood.

Besides, everyone on OUAT has died at least like, twice, by now. Everyone manages to come back to the show somehow.

When asked about Hades, and whether the whole Storybrooke and Charming crew can trust what he’s told them — especially when it comes to the Olympian Crystal, and it turning Robin Hood into dust — Horowitz was quick to remind everyone about what the show’s really about:

“For a show about hope, I would choose not to believe Hades.”

What does that even MEAN? The whole Hades thing aside, we’ve gotta hold out hope that somehow, someway, Robin will make his way back into Regina’s life. Hope is the heart and soul of the show, and this is Once Upon A Time, after all. We’ve gotta hold out for everyone’s happy ending.