Rachel Paige
July 27, 2016 5:24 pm
Warner Bros.

When it comes to Gilmore Girls and their ~love interests~ 90% of our time is, yes, focused on WHO’S GONNA BE THE GUY TO WIN OVER RORY GILMORE’S HEART? It’s been an ongoing discussion for the last decade, if you can believe it. Maybe one day, this age-old question will finally be answered.

As for that remaining 10% of our Gilmore Girls heart, that belongs to Lorelai and Luke, who are 120% destined to be together, no matter how many arguments, spats, cups of coffee, and failed marriages they go through. It’s destiny for these two. We got to see them together for the first time in a very long time earlier today, when both Lorelai and Luke took to the stage during the Netflix TCA panel.

Eric Charbonneau/Netflix, HelloGiggles

Lauren Graham looked stunning, as usual (don’t think we’ve ever seen her NOT look like a goddess). So let’s jump right into talking about Mr. Luke Danes, aka Scott Patterson.

Honestly guys, he looks like an older version of Jess, because we always knew Jess was going to grow up and wear all-black and a lot of leather bracelets. Because that’s a Jess Thing.

Eric Charbonneau/Netflix

There is so much to digest here. And let the Stars Hollow record show, it’s not that we’re NOT into this Luke Look…it’s just something we’ve never seen before. The hat. The bandana under the hat. The dog tags. There’s a lot going on here.

We were, sadly, not in attendance at the TCA press tour ourselves, so maybe there’s a real and true reason for Luke’s drastic new look — like he is now the lead singer of Hep Alien! Or this is just the new Luke Danes, new and improved, and we’ve got 121 days to start getting used to it.

Patterson is giving off major ~bad boy~ vibes. Are we into it? Yeah. Hopefully Lorelai is, too. If this is the new Luke, we’re on board.

But never forget our first Luke, the one wearing a button-up plaid shirt and a backwards baseball hat. ~Always and forever~

Patrick Ecclesine/Getty Images