This Is Us - Season 1
Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of This Is Us. As we learned last week, all our worst fears are actually TRUE. In the future, Jack dies — but we still don’t know how, let alone WHEN. But now that this big reveal is out in the open, Jack’s kids can’t help but openly discuss the fact that their dad has passed away, and our emotions are on one hell of a rollercoaster. They also hurt so much because now that they’re discussing Jack’s death on This Is Us, we’re desperate to know exactly what happened with him.

“Career Day” revolved around everyone in the family — both past and present — figuring out what they want to do with their lives. In the past, Jack debates making a major career switch, while in the present, Randall does the same thing. Meanwhile Kate gets a new job, and Kevin is on the brink of losing his unless he can properly channel his emotions.

What’s so sad about that? Oh, you know, the fact that in order to get “sad” for his play in New York, Kevin finds himself at a stranger’s wake, and soon he’s consoling the stranger’s newly widowed wife. The couple had a son, age 15, and that’s when Kevin starts musing that 15’s a hard age to lose a father.


Maybe, maybe not. When the widow asks how long ago Kevin’s father passed, all Kevin can say is that it was “a long time ago.”

And to top it all off, This Is Us is very much keeping Jack’s death very vague, and that’s what’s driving us the most insane, obviously. It also means that Jack’s death could come at us from anywhere, and at anytime, so keep like a thousand tissue boxes ready, just in case. Go ahead and start bracing for the worst cry of YOUR LIFE.

Okay, and now add on top of that the fact that Jack has the most heartfelt heart-to-heart with Randall in the past, and then flash-forward to Randall explaining why he wears a tie every day and it is *literally* too much. This is the definition of too much.