Mandy Moore is pulling double duty on two different TV shows right now. One of them makes us cry hysterically every single week, and that is, of course, NBC’s This Is Us. The other is Disney Channel’s brand new Tangled: The Serieswhich actually premieres tonight, so it’s still TBD whether or not we cry during it (stay tuned).

Eventually, Mandy’s two worlds were bound to collide, and they actually just did during the last episode of This Is Us, “What now?” You probably completely missed this sweet Tangled moment between mom Rebecca and son Randall…because you were crying so hard during it. Listen, that’s okay. Let it all out.

For a quick Tangled refresher, Rapunzel and her adoptive-mom, Mother Gothel, have a cute little back-and-forth saying, “I love you,” and then “I love you more,” and lastly, “I love you most.” (LOL, lies, Mother Gothel. LIES.)

During “What now?” Rebecca and young Randall have this same conversation.

Credit: NBC

They have the same exchange towards the end of the episode, too.

Credit: NBC

This is, undeniably, a Tangled reference — and one that Mandy just confirmed. You know, creator of This Is Us also just happened to write the script for Tangled.

Cross your fingers that somehow, a This Is Us references makes it into Tangled: The Series.