Sure, there are time jumps in the actual storyline of the show. But now, thanks to NBC shuffling around its fall lineup, This Is Us itself has hopped into a new time slot — and we can catch the Pearsons and the rest of the gang at a very familiar time.

That’s right, This is Us will return to Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. in the fall.

Earlier this month, NBC announced that This Is Us would join the Will & Grace revival on Thursday nights. And we basically blocked out all our Thursday nights for the fall, because we’ll be damned if we miss an episode.

But, not long after announcing the switch, the network moved the Golden Globe-nominated show back to its original Tuesday night spot, following The Voice.

Why, you ask? Well, partly to keep the story as continuous as possible — rather than being broken up by Thursday Night Football. Not to mention, and this is us theorizing, now it won’t be up against popular dramas (cough Scandal cough) on Thursday nights.

So, if you were thrown off by This Is Us swapping over to Thursdays, worry no more.

The beloved show will remain safe and sound on Tuesday nights and we’re excited to see all the action (and drama) the second season of This Is Us has in store!