This Is Us - Season 1
Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us has proven two things to us so far: One, that we’re going to cry at some point during every episode; and two, everything is connected and we need to pay attention to EVERYTHING.

The show has a startling rich mythology with interconnecting stories, so we should always be on the lookout for what might happens next (just you wait, the episode where Kate breaks her arm is going to be a DOOZY). This is why, through our happy tears, we’re trying to catch each and every last little clue about the Pearson family. During “The Pool,” This Is Us might have dropped a big hint that’s going to come back in a huge way later.

When Rebecca finds him, he’s hanging out with some other kids. One of the other moms watching him scolds Rebecca for letting her kid wander off, AND, also for not introducing herself to these other families in the first place. It’s actually kind of a tense moment, but all’s well that ends well when later on, Rebecca heads back to this mom to ask for a barber who can cut Randall’s hair. Got all that?

Credit: NBC

After a little bit of IMDB stalking, turns out that this character is named Yvette, and she’s played by Ryan Michelle Bathe (fun fact: IRL, she is married to Sterling K. Brown, who plays adult Randall!). So far, Yvette is only credited as appearing in one episode, but seeing as how she’s IN THIS FAMILY PHOTO, and one that appears to be from a BBQ, we can bet that she’s going to turn up again. In a BBQ themed episode, that is.

While we might know her name, and know she’s a fan of burgers on the grill, we still don’t know how she connects into the larger story of This Is Us. But OH BOY are we excited to find out (and probably cry).