Rachel Paige
December 23, 2016 10:01 am
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Get ready to spend the holidays with your favorite family on the planet — okay, fine, you’re favorite *fictional* family on the planet. USA has decided to go ahead and air an all-day This Is Us marathon, because the network doesn’t think we have cried ENOUGH over the last few months.

Thanks, USA! (The network, not the country)

So here’s what’s going down: On January 7th (that’s a Saturday) USA is going to air ALL the current episodes of This Is Us. Ten hours, ten episodes, four billion opportunities for you to bawl your little eyes out. The pilot episode of the series will also play simultaneously on Bravo and E! (since both of those networks are also owned by the home of This Is Us, NBC). But USA is the only network that will then go on to air the rest of them.

Look at that, you’ve just got your first big television binge of 2017!

This is a perfect time to relive all your favorite Pearson moments from the first half of the season — or, get caught up with This Is Us before it returns after the winter hiatus. Conveniently, this marathon goes down on Saturday the 7th, and This Is Us returns to NBC on Tuesday the 10th. OMG, we are so ready.

If there’s still time, you might want to ask for a whole lot of tissues for Christmas/Hanukkah because knowing that this This Is Us marathon is coming, you are FOR SURE going to want to stock up.