This Is Us
Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The latest episode of This Is Us, “Memphis,” is one we’ve been preparing for since the very beginning. But, now that we’re here, turns out we still weren’t prepared for it. Spoilers — AND TEARS — ahead, obviously.

If you’ve been waiting all season for a father-son road trip, it happened during “Memphis.” Though Randall is still recovering from his nervous breakdown, and William’s health is very quickly deteriorating, the two decide to take a trip together to Memphis. It’s where William grew up, and he wants to show Randall where he’s from (and maybe meet a few relatives along the way).

Go grab some tissues now. Do it.

So, off William and Randall go to Memphis (along the way stop at Jack’s gravesite, I TOLD YOU TO GET TISSUES). As they drive, William mentions that he wants to take Randall to the Peabody Hotel in Memphis to see the ducks there — and FYI, the Peabody has ducks that play in the fountain in the lobby every day, and it’s kind of a big deal, because ducks are awesome.

Anyway. Since you could just feel going into this episode, with the father-son trip to see William’s past life, things were quickly going to take a turn for the worst. While William makes amends with his cousin, and plays one last gig, the next day his health begins failing at a rapid pace and he’s admitted to the hospital. He dies in Randall’s arms, and stop for a sec to take another tissue break.

It’s all the more heartbreaking when you realize that William never got the chance to take Randall to see the ducks, and Randall can’t help but cry, “we haven’t even seen the ducks!”

Cut to the end of the episode, when Randall starts driving home with the windows down (William told him to roll the windows down). As he’s driving, his car comes to a stop so he can let a family of ducks cross in front of him.


If you were keeping it together, and holding back your sniffles, there’s a high chance you let the waterworks flow as soon as those ducks started crossing. Twitter erupted into nothing short of duck-chaos.


Considering everything else we’ve cried over during This Is Us, who would have ever guessed our ultimate tipping point would be DUCKS?