Marty Preciado
Updated Mar 02, 2017 @ 2:09 pm
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Credit: TBS

Conan O’ Brien travelled to Mexico City to produce Conan Without Borders, a televised special created with the help of an all-Mexican staff, crew, guests, and studio audience. During his visit in Mexico, we could not stop laughing at every hilarious thing that Conan did: he joined a quinceañera, asked for donations to build a wall, played soccer with a Mexican national team player, and ate tacos al pastor with Jorge Ramos.

Last night, the special finally aired on TBS, and one of Conan’s guests was former Mexican president Vicente Fox. In the past year, Fox has been ardently vocal about Trump’s administration and agenda, specifically in regards to “the wall” — he has famously voiced his concerns on his Twitter.

Behind Conan’s desk stood a backdrop depicting Mexico City’s most representative and iconic monument, El Ángel. When Conan introduced Vicente Fox, the former president was welcomed with uproarious applause.

Then, Fox immediately offered Conan a gift: a pair of leather boots emblazoned with the words “No F**king Wall.”

During his presidency, Vicente Fox was known for wearing leather boots, a trademark of the state of Guanajuato in Mexico – the largest manufacturer of leather shoes in the country.

Credit: TBS

On Conan’s show, Vicente Fox would not backdown nor sanitize his comments about the wall. Conan explained his personal opinion as well, saying:

About unity and respect beyond politeness, Fox commented, “So many Mexicans doing great work, and [they’re] loyal to the United States, and now they want to kick them in the ass and throw them out. That is going to be a very big loss for the United States.”

With the current fear of deportation and elevated ICE control, Fox reminds people, “These are good, loyal, loving people,” adding:

The special is now streaming online, and you can witness every moment. We hope Conan bulldozes a lot of ignorance with a bit of humor. All we can say is ¡Gracias, Conan!