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When it’s extremely hot out, pants become a bit dreadful. That’s why a group of boys from ISCA Academy in Exeter decided to protest when their dress code wouldn’t allow shorts. How did they protest? Well, they decided to wear skirts instead. And they looked darn good in the process.

The idea originated from a head teacher, who — according to a parent of one of the students — meant it as a joke.

The protest makes a lot of sense. While dress codes can be important, it’s truly more important to be comfortable at school. As the news spread, even past alumni spoke out about how proud they were.

Many parents are applauding the boys for having a voice.

After their story went viral, a statement went out that said shorts will be introduced as part of the uniform — eventually.

This was an innovative (and stylish) way to get the point across that sometimes you’ve got to do whatever it takes to battle the summer heat.