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The sixth season of American Horror Story premiered only one week ago and already the internet is exploding with theories. This isn’t any great shock – fan theories are the bread and butter of a show like AHS, which relies on a lot of ~mystery~ in both the promotion of a season and then while the show is actually airing.

This year, the subterfuge was on another level altogether – we actually had no idea at all what the season was about (OK, there were some spoiler-y pics, but for the spoilerphobes among us, ZERO IDEA) until it premiered. The creators gave us a ridiculous number of deceptive promo images and teasers in order to throw viewers off about the theme.

But now, we actually do know what the season’s theme is: It’s all about Roanoke, AKA the “Lost Colony.” Specifically, the Season 6 story follows Matt and Shelby, a couple who move from Los Angeles to North Carolina after an attack, and once there encounter all manner of creepy, probably-supernatural occurrences, theoretically related to whatever happened to Roanoke way back in the day to make the Lost Colony get lost in the first place.

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

In years past, the show’s creator Ryan Murphy repeatedly told us that every single season is connected. So, naturally, AHS viewers watch every single episode like a hawk, constantly on the lookout for any and all clues linking the seasons. One Reddit user came up with a pretty cool theory that connects one character from “My Roanoke Nightmare” back to Season 3’s “Coven.”

Redditor SweetBaconTater posted a theory speculating that Shelby might actually be a witch.

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Totally crazy, right? Actually, it’s not all that crazy. In just one episode, there’s a surprising amount of info to back up this claim.

SweetBaconTater wonders whether it’s possible that Shelby, knowingly or unknowingly, used Vitalum Vitalis (a spell introduced back in Season 3) to resurrect her husband Matt after his attack. In this theory, Matt was actually killed during the gang attack. Also recall that Matt only woke up once Shelby touched him – something Shelby explained away as part of their “deep connection” (Or, y’know, MAGIC).

With Vitalum Vitalis, as we know, one life has to be traded for another – in this case (according to this redditor’s thinking), Matt’s life for that of Shelby and Matt’s unborn baby.

Shelby’s miscarriage did sort of stick out during the premiere, particularly when the couple kind of glossed over the fact that they didn’t know what had caused it. Matt guessed that it was stress from the attack, or possibly from Shelby being shoved by the attackers, but none of that is confirmed. If Shelby is a witch and traded the baby’s life for Matt’s, it would totally explain how the tragic miscarriage almost immediately followed Matt waking up in the hospital.

During the testimonial, Shelby also commented that she “sensed evil” in the new house, which could easily fit into a witch’s arsenal of powers and explain why the possible-Roanoke-spirits seem to have it out for Shelby right from the word “go.”

SweetBaconTater went on to theorize that Shelby’s profession – a yoga instructor who loves fresh veggies – could almost be considered an updated version of Season 3’s Misty Day, who had the “power of resurgence.”

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Plus, both characters were played by Lily Rabe (who in Season 6, is playing the”real” Shelby). This one is a more tenuous connection, but I’m now basically convinced that Shelby is a witch, so I’ll take anything.

Then again, I’ve been totally convinced of other AHS theories in years past, only for the show to go in a completely different direction. That’s kind of the beauty of the series, isn’t it? It never quite goes the way you think it will. Guess we’ll just have to tune in to find out if Shelby actually is a Salem witch descendant!