Bradleigh-Ann Walker
Updated Dec 28, 2016 @ 2:14 pm
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Does living in a certain area dictate what TV you love? It might. These are the most popular television shows by state and the differences between cities, suburbs, and rural areas is pretty fascinating. But the show that’s equally popular all over the U.S. is shockingly Vampire Diaries.

But we’ll get into that later.

Modern Family, Game of Thrones, Saturday Night Live, Orange Is The New Black, and The Tonight Show are some of the most popular TV shows in urban areas.

In rural areas, reality shows and dramas are the most popular genres — Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Vampire Diaries, Duck Dynasty, Teen Mom, and Cake Boss.

In the extended Black Belt (an area extending from the Mississippi River along the eastern seaboard to Washington), reality shows appear to rule. The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip-Hop, Bad Girls Club, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians all made the list.

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The study isn’t just an intriguing picture of how different regions of the country differ — it’s also an indicator of cultural differences.

Certain TV shows help indicate what political or cultural views are like in certain areas.

For example, more Duck Dynasty fans voted for president-elect Donald Trump than any other show’s fandom.

Credit: The New York Times

Here’s something interesting…

The Vampire Diaries is the most unifying show of all 50 examined, with the most consistent popularity across urban, rural, and Black Belt areas.

Credit: The New York Times