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American Horror Story: Spoilers.

Here’s the quick rundown, you know, in case you’re not up to speed as to what’s happening on Roanoke…or you’ve stumbled here by accident, “Why is everyone so obsessed with Roanoke right now?”

The Roanoke house that Matt and Shelby are calling home right now is most definitely haunted. It used to be an assisted living facility, but instead of actually helping patients, the two nurses in charge — Bridget and Miranda — killed their patients instead. They also killed the patients based on the first letter of their first name, looking to spell out MURDER.

They got all the way through M, U, R, D, and E before ~something~ drove them out of the house, but their spray painted MURDE still remains on the wall. It’s very spooky, and more importantly, weird.

What’s even weirder is that the M on the wall changes DRASTICALLY. Not even just a little, but like, the M was once in an early ’90s movie where it got a major makeover, and suddenly caught the eye of the most popular boy in school.

As fyeahahs points out (also, F YEAH, AHS!), there’s something fishy going on here:

Credit: FX

Let’s start off with the obvious: Wut. Like…how does that M just magically change from scene to scene during AHS? More than likely, this is just a continuity error and someone’s handwriting was a little bit ~off~ while they were painting this giant MURDE.

OR, this means that this Murde is not the original Murde, and someone else has come through the Murde House and messed everything up. Or, you know, this is the just the ~documentary~, and like anything goes.

It’s still a very interesting thing to note. It might be nothing, or it could be EVERYTHING.