Rachel Paige
August 31, 2016 4:31 pm
FX, HelloGiggles

Just when things with American Horror Story really seem to be spiraling, and you’re not sure what’s real and what you’ve imagined, things start to make sense! Sort of! Okay, they still make -6% sense, but at least it really feels like we’re slowly moving towards an actual theme/plot for this season.


A new poster for AHS Season 6 has just popped up, and while it’s not incredibly telling, it does back up two already discussed ideas for this season. Take a look:

At first glance, yes, it is very, “WTF?” But also, the woman here is dressed in what is undoubtedly colonial era clothing, and also, she’s holding a whole lot of teeth. SOUND FAMILIAR?

The first big “OMG” thing to come out of this season were some supposed leaked set photos showing the “Lost Colony.” TMZ mentioned that actors had been spotted in colonial costumes, perfect for the 1500’s setting. And what is the woman wearing in the above poster? Exactly that.

And on top of that, she’s got a whole lot of teeth. A very good fan theory about AHS Season 6 suggests that the ~REAL~ theme of the season is the trailer for “Wind Chimes.”

AND, the magnificent Sarah Paulson just shared the same type of promo image to her Twitter.

Though it still doesn’t make complete sense, it makes a little bit of sense. Sort of. We might not have the theme, but it’s hard to deny that these three things are related to one another.

American Horror Story, Season 6 = Lost Colony + teeth…???