Meaghan Kirby
October 16, 2017 4:01 pm

Get ready to start sleuthing because NBC is redeveloping a Nancy Drew TV series. But this isn’t your average Nancy Drew reboot so you’re going to want to sit down as we walk you through it.

While you may remember hearing about a CBS pilot following an adult Nancy working as an NYPD detective, NBC has picked up the Tony Phelan and Joan Rater-written pilot and taken it in an entirely new direction, to the point where we’re not even sure the series is actually about Nancy Drew.

Wait, so does this mean the series is actually about Carolyn Keene aka the pseudonym used by the numerous ghost writers of the Nancy Drew series?? Or did Nancy write a series about her super-sleuth teen years?

While we’re still a bit unclear as to whether Nancy is the central character, or just the name of the protagonist of the books, it looks as though some of the most iconic elements of the book series are going to be making their way to the TV show.

But still, we have some serious questions. What did “Nancy” do to cause a falling out with her two BFFs Bess and George? Is River Heights going to make an appearance? Are Nancy and Ned Nickerson still together or did her portrayal of him in her books also cause them to break up? Are Emma Roberts or Maggie Lawson attached to the project? Will Frank and Joe Hardy appear to help solve a case and also to start drama? Are Carson Drew and Hannah Gruen disappointed in Nancy for alienating everyone in order to sell books or am I reading too much into the logline?

Not gonna lie, a intense Nancy Drew fans, we’re a bit nervous but the plot seems unique and interesting so as long as elements from the book make it into the series — and please, please include plenty of sleuthing — we’re willing to give it a shot.